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tv   BROLL Trump Arrival in West Palm Beach FL  CSPAN  February 10, 2017 8:33pm-8:36pm EST

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to be here for good reasons. >> what you think of the reports that [indiscernible] pres. trump: i don't know about it. i haven't seen it. what report is that? >> they are reporting that they talk to you about russia before you are [indiscernible] inaugurated -- prensa eight -- pres. trump: i haven't seen it. i will look at it. threatening from the nation of iran is going to regret it eventually? pres. trump: you better be careful. >> the president and first lady palm beach international airport early this evening. although unofficial schedule has not been released by the white house, the president and rime minister are expected to discussionsateral
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and -- prime minister are expected to continue bilateral discussions and play a round of golf at point. [indiscernible]
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>> back in washington dc, defense secretary james mattis met with germany's defense minister at the pentagon. this is ahead of next week's nato meeting in brussels. >> welcome back to the pentagon. you have been here more than i have been here for the past several years, so it is good to have a veteran alongside me as i go with into this first -- go into this first week, and it is good to meet you early in my tenor, madam minister, and i inl see you next week germany both in munich but also in brussels, where we


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